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Filipino Beauty In Northern Virginia



Filipino people (Filipino: Mamamayang Philino) are an ethnic group native to the Philippines. There and around 180 languages spoken there however the official languages are Filipino and English. The Philippines has a population of almost 100,000,000 and 10-12 million Filipinos reside outside the Philippines. 

During the time of the cast system Filipino was used to describe a person of Spanish decent born in the Philippines. The system was abolished in 1898 and the term is used to describe all person born in the Philippines regardless of race or ancestry.

Eleanor is a first generation Filipino residing in Northern Virginia. Hair Therapy has introduced some adjustments to Eleanor's hair regimen. Eleanor prefers to wear her hair bone straight. It is naturally slightly wavy. Which means lots of direct heat (I know dangerous).Deep cleansing and steaming treatments, excessive trims and the wrap keep her hair looking nice.


Previously, Eleanor used a loose bun at night. The problem with that is it causes a slight dent and also leaves the hair dry. Wrapping the hair allows the ends to stay protected and moisturized. She has not mastered it however, I am persistent in my efforts to convert her to a devout wrapper. Occasionally I demand a roller-set to preserve her hair health.

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