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The Left Coast: Part 4 New Mexico


Did you guess what I discovered? I was in Anthony, Texas when I saw the New Mexico sign in the pouring rain three minutes later I was in Anthony, New Mexico Exit 0. I am not sure why seeing exit 0 made me laugh. It inspired me to name the first blog entry to this series Part 0. I thought to myself another same city name set up!

When we arrived at White Sands it was 1:30 in the morning. The park was closed and dark, so I continued up the highway. There was a boarder patrol stop. Thee officer told us the next town was 13 miles away. We had one drop of gas and I was nervous. We barely made it to town filled up and waited patiently until 7 am to head back to White Sands National Monument. 

There were several signs at the monument warning drivers that there is no water beyond a certain point. The sand in the beginning had many plants and other things in it. As we got deeper into the dunes the hills became higher. The sand was so clean it looked like snow. 

The sand was very moist. The view was amazing. The air was thin and the sun was hot. I felt joy, excitement and peace. New Mexico was the land of enchantment.

Photos by: NikkRich