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April Newsletter


Exploring Lip Bar

I received two sticks of Lip Bar lipstick as gift on Valentine’s Day, shades, “Boy Trouble” and “Prom Queen”. I was not aware of the story behind brand before receiving the gift. To learn more about how the creator of Lip Bar went from working on Wall Street, to making a name for herself in the beauty industry click here.

Lip Bar: Boy Trouble

Lip Bar: Boy Trouble

Lip Bar: Prom Queen

Lip Bar: Prom Queen

Canadalada takes a trip to Hollywood


2735 Metro Plaza, Woodbridge, Virginia

Getting ready for the trip started with nails. I met with nail tech Mimi at Victory Nails in Woodbridge, Virginia. This place is not were you go for cheese and wine. It is a functional space and far from a spa. These powder ombre nails came to a total of $55 dollars. Easily $65-$75 dollars anywhere else.

Nail Tech: Mimi

Nail Tech: Mimi

Ombre Powdered Nails

Ombre Powdered Nails


2890 Garber Way, Woodbridge Virginia 22192

I went to visit my favorite barber Omar Lavender owner of Genesis Barber Shop. I love the vibe in the main shop across from Wawa. Omar has magical hands. My skin is very sensitive and dry. I get cut easily. He was the first to cut my hair and not burn my temples when I had a number one all around a few years ago.

I recently tried to cut my hair at home a few times. This caused a slight disaster on the left side of my head where I went too high :( He was able to make it look much better than the botch job I created.

Cut by Omar Lavender at Genesis Barbers in Woodbridge, Virginia

Cut by Omar Lavender at Genesis Barbers in Woodbridge, Virginia


Tysons Corner Center, Mr.Lee 703-448-6767

Do your clothes look like bags? Do you have the perfect outfit that ALMOST fits? Visit Mr.Lee at Tyson’s Corner Galleria. He is located in the back of the store called “The Shoe Shoppe” next to Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. The name of his place is called, Tailor Craft. It is like a secret because it is not listed in the mall directory. Allow a few days for alterations they don’t do same day turn arounds.

A few years ago I took a dress that I bought for maybe $6 to Mr.Lee. He charged me $20 to take in the sides. I posted the picture on Instagram and I received such positive feedback. I received so many compliments every time I wore it. This was the beginning of my interest in tailored or custom clothing.


For the LA trip I purchased two dress options with the intent to alter, one silk and one velvet (velvet shown in video). The velvet dress had a faulty zipper and needed straps to fit best. Mr.Lee informed me that velvet is more expensive to alter because of its thickness and quoted me $160. The satin dress was quoted at $50 to take in the sides. I decided to go with he simpler less expensive option.

Satin Dress: Before Alterations

Satin Dress: Before Alterations

Behind the Scenes with celebrity MUA @TheMakeUpActivist

I was invited to LA through the Student Graduate Assembly at Shenandoah University. I serve on the board as a media advisor. Select graduate student Matthew Murray attended the 50th Annual NAACP Awards. The event was held at the Dolby Theater and the post celebrations at the Roosevelt Hotel. I am excited to share how I created the look of the evening. Beginning with make up.

Mel Hunter known as the MakeUpActivist and the “Queen of Clean” is known for her ability to enhance beauty for women of color without an ashy or chalky finished look. Her clients include a range of people from Erykah Badu to Snoop. Her beauty mentor is Kim Kimble. She humbly works with a team of her equally talented peers. She travels the world in her spare time wearing bright colors and taking images that make you want to jump into her Instagram page. Mel is charming and kind. She isn’t flashy and far from a diva. She dresses comfy when she is working, has amazing skin and the coolest hair styles. Aspiring MUA’s could benifit from tapping into her vibe.

The Final Look

Places to Eat in LA

Lunch: Whole Foods

Burbank on W and Olive (The one Downtown on 7th Street has the same amenities)

I had the best grocery store experience ever. It was a nice day, I listened to the music, sat on the patio and enjoyed food. They have TV’s at the bar to watch the games and other events. They offer a variety of drafts, wines and spirits.

Cashew and Veggies Lunch Special

Cashew and Veggies Lunch Special


Luna Grill Mediterranean Restaurant

4550 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite A3 Sherman Oaks,CA91403 (They have multiple locations)

Veggie Kabob

Veggie Kabob


Late Night: Norms

Not many vegan options but I made a way by ordering wheat toast and avocado with chamomile tea. The most fun item on the menu included exotic lemonade flavors. Norms allows you to try a different favor with every refill. Pictured below habanero-lime and cotton candy which was arguably the best flavor.

Snacks: Besitie’s Vegan Paradise

Home of the best vegan cookie I have ever eaten.

Dessert: Little Damage

I call it the Hair Therapy cone :)

I call it the Hair Therapy cone :)

Manhattan Creamery

I had the Beach Bum with banana foster filling recommended by the sales rep. They offer 28 filling flavors.

Brunch: Square One

Fountain Avenue location (walking distance from Bestie’s Paradise)

I had the 333 tea (chamomile, mint & rose hips ) to start.The veggie burger, which is made in house and had walnuts in it, with a glass of lemonade. Everything was perfection.

My friend had an omelette with spinach and mushrooms, he added salmon and opted for the fruit bowl verses a salad for a side. We were so occupied by the passion fruit and the kumquat which we never ate before. The kumquat was very sour.

Evening Date: LP

You can see the entire city. Such a chill place. Perfect place for a long conversation because the music is not too loud.

Local Eats


I had the veggie pies which I enjoyed. My friend had the lobster pies. He said the lobster was over powering and the veggie ones tasted better.


The tomato sauce was a cool change. This burger has no spicyness to it but it was still good.

Match Box Woodbridge, Virginia Veggie Burger

Match Box Woodbridge, Virginia Veggie Burger

Chipotle Secret Menu

The lady in front of me asked the man to put additional cilantro in her bowl. I thought about it and decided to try it. I asked them to add cilantro and squeezed lemon on my bowl, it turned it into an entirely different dish. I may be late with this discovery but I felt like I went a brief vacation when I ate this bowl.


Exploring Non -Dairy Ice Cream

From Wegman’s

From Wegman’s


Sandwiches Vanilla Bean: The sandwiches are small and taste like coconut. Nothing like vanilla. Not bad but they should be called coconut sandwiches.

Cookies N’ Cream: This is flavorless I wouldn’t buy it again.

Dipped Double Chocolate Delight: These were the best of the bunch. It really taste chocolaty.

Bananas Foster from Moms’s Organic

Bananas Foster from Moms’s Organic


After going to Cali and being turned on to banana foster I decided to give this a try. It was good. The chocolate taste somewhat dark it was on the verge of a slight coffee taste. I hate coffee but I still like this. I even went on to make a smoothie with it. Look forward to the smoothie recipe in next months newsletter.

WHY IS THERE BEAVER ANAL GLANDS IN ALMOND MILK??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! What “natural flavors’ Really Means

I was really disturbed to learn that there is any connection between alternative milk and a beavers ass. It was truly upsetting. This is very good article that I have found to help you get through the process of finding a good alternative milk, as well as develop and understanding of what “natural flavors” is code for. Be sure to read the labels of everything that you ingest and make sure that you are comfortable with what you are consuming.

Local Trainers and Health Specialist


This was a beautiful moment to watch. The person that works out the hardest with the most flexible person I know.

Have you been meaning to try yoga or wanting to get a trainer? There are still several weeks until beach time. Yoga can help with health issues, aches and pains. Working out can make you strong and sexy. OneWithebony offers private yoga sessions and public yoga classes. Vello offers personal training in gym and in home depending on your needs. Contact them today.

Remixing your hair style to fit your head and face shape

Loc Up-Do

The Problem: This was the first attempt at an updo. Notice the middle row is too high. In the back a roll was created using string to hold it together. Once finished I thought it had somewhat of a heavy look.

The remedy: Taking the style down, slanting each row a little more and reducing the distance of each row to the middle of the head verses the back. This changes took away that hill in the middle of her head. Switching the bun style to a simple bun made the style easy to follow and more elegant.

Long Bob to Short Bob

The problem: After Getting a hair cut the client didn’t feel much of a change. Even though her hair was three inches shorter.

The remedy: Going into a deeper angle and exposing the neck made the change more noticeable.

Also, this client was using Shea Moisture styling products which had too much emollients in it. I advised her to stop using those products and try something lighter.

How Serenity Jones Creates Candalada’s Signature Bob

Candalada hosts Hair Club at George Hampton Middle School

I was thrilled to donate my time to Hampton Middle School formerly known as Godwin. The school has several clubs to keep students engaged and occupied after school hours. They serve dinner to the students at 3:3pm then students break into specialized clubs. This club run buy Angela Jackson and contains 16 students. Their skills ranged from beginner to advanced.

During this session I learned why each student was interested in hair styling and what they planned to do once mastering the skill. I spoke about the value of customer service and patience. Why I think education is important and how I created a flexible lifestyle with no barriers which includes both creativity and education.


Street Art In LA

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 3.49.39 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 11.49.35 AM.png