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The Left Coast: Part 2 Arkansas


It was 1:14 am, before we could even read the names of a few schools and streets in Memphis we fell into Arkansas. I wish I could tell you that something amazing happened in Arkansas. Besides realizing the lack of creativity in the naming system of the United States. I saw signs for West Memphis in Arkansas.

  • The same city name in both states right next to each other?!? 
  • Combo state names

There was so much of that to be discovered for me. Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee right next to each other, Memphis, Tennessee and West Memphis, Arkansas. Texarkana! Why? I did not understand how the naming system came to be or better yet remained in place. I am sure the answer lies somewhere in a history book.

No food in Arkansas, no sight seeing, no pictures besides the state sign. We were really tired too tired for anything.